Our overall objective is to make sure that DAC rules and guidelines recognise and address risks related to donor partnerships with the private sector, so as to preserve ODA’s unique potential as a resource for leaving no-one behind. Specifically, we strive to

  • Influence DAC decisions on the reporting rules for Private Sector Instruments (PSI), and

  • Influence the DAC process to elaborate guidelines for each of the Blended
    Finance agreed principles.

July 2020
Input to CSOs Consultation on the Draft Policy Guidance Note on OECD DAC Blended Finance Principle 3: Tailor Blended Finance to Local Context
May 2020
Joint CSO letter on Accounting Rules for Debt Relief as ODA
March 2020
Joint CSO letter on Private Finance related issues
February 2019
Joint civil society submission to the February 2019 Senior Level Meeting of the OECD-Development Assistance Committee
October 2018
Civil society organisations’ position on Private Sector Instruments
October 2017
Joint Civil society submission to the 2017 High Level Meeting of the OECD Development Assistance Committee
November 2016
Proposal for the ‘Modernisation of Private Sector Instruments’: CSO background paper
October 2016
CSO statement to the OECD-DAC Senior Level Meeting